At Bourne Constructions, we understand the value of finding a perfect fence for your property, business or home. We offer fencing arrangements that not only looks great to compliment the style of your home, but also provides privacy and protection. This includes wooden paling fences that are one of the classic types of fencing that will never become de-modernised.

Bourne also provides picket fences, which is one of the highest recommended decorative ways to keep animals and children inside or outside of the property without blocking the view.

Another option of fencing Bourne supplies is dog wire fences or the pet enclosures and cages which may be customised to meet your requirements.

Building with many years of experience as a commercial, industrial and security fence contractor, Bourne provides a wide rang of high quality fence solutions and services to meet individual customer requirements.

Our commercial and industrial solutions also include chain mesh safety fencing and enclosures. Protective, strong and durable; our chain mesh fences are popular for securing factories, warehouses industrial and commercial premises. Bourne is also able to instal safety bollards in steel or treated pine wood that is a safe alternative to secure your business, office or warehouse.